Montreal Space Saving Furniture


Montreal Space Saving Murphy Wall Beds With SofasAs Canada locals have known for many years, and tourists are increasingly becoming more and more aware, Montreal is a cultural epicenter and a phenomenal place to live. With our incredible music scene and festivals and outstanding restaurants, who would not want to live here.

And therein my friends lies the rub! With such incredible offerings, Montreal has become more and more populous and most residents who want to enjoy the culture and nightlife, do not want to be relegated to having to travel thirty or forty minutes into the city. With more regularity there are people living in small apartments, making the most out of the space they have.

MurphySofa is proud to offer Montreal residents fantastic new technology in space saving furniture.

Wall beds with sofas are a great option for saving space. MurphySofa will deliver these all over Montreal. They are durable, comfortable and very elegant in design. They match all types of styles and fit into the space beautifully. These wall beds with sofas are not just attractive, they are also very easy to use and can be handled by anyone regardless of physicality. You don’t need to be very strong or bulked up. Whether you want a wall bed with no added frills, or a wall bed with all the bells and whistles, talk to MurphySofa of Montreal today. We can help!

Space saving tables have become very popular. They can be small and low to the ground, like a traditional coffee table or raised up and out to become a full size dining table. This is perfect for when friends and family come for a dinner party to your one bedroom apartment. If it is just you most of the time, then why waste space with a large dining table? This way your space is fully optimized.