Junior Giant Table


From a junior sized table, extending out into an absolute giant of a table.

junior giant compacted low resjunior giant extended low resJunior giant dimensionsGreat for a Vancouver home kitchen or for a office boardroom. Don’t let this junior space saving table by MurphySofa fool you, it converts into a giant. Starts as a mini 44cm table and can add 4 extra 46cm leaves to extend to 228.8cm.  A space saving solution for a convertible conference room or boardroom.


Junior Giant table

For current Pricing or Online purchase from Expand Furniture: Junior Giant – Console to Table


  • Junior table mode: Height: 75.5cm, width 95cm , length minimum 44cm
  • Giant table mode: Height: 75.5cm, width 95cm, length max 228.8cm
    (4x 46cm leaves, add as many or as few as you like.)glossy white*Other finishes available by request

*Prices subject to change.

*Ships to Canada and the USA.
Other countries by request.