Italian Wall bed – Sofa


Wall bed + Clean face panel with side legs + sofa
Simple, sleek and functional. Customizable unit and sofa.

Italian Wall bed Sofa combo by MurphySofaItalian Wall bed Sofa combo Down by MurphySofa











Italian Wall bed: Comes with European mattress and fitted sheet, ready to use on your space saving wall bed. This smart furniture lets you double your space from a lounge in the day to a bedroom at night. With this unit, you do not even have to remove the cushions, simply lower the bed down into place and you are ready for a good nights sleep. When you are finished sleeping, transform your bedroom back into a lounge by lifting up the bed and it will click back into its safety position and then you have your lounge again!

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For the Italian Vertical wall bed

For the Italian Horizontal wall bed

Vertical or Horizontal styles [Wall bed + Clean face panel with side legs + sofa]

Italian Wall bed Sofa Horizontal by MurphysofaItalian Wall bed Sofa Horizontal open by MurphySofa









A nice advantage of the Horizontal Murphy bed, is that you can get a wider sofa, requires shorter ceilings to be able to install and also does not extend as far into a room when open. The sofa in both the horizontal and vertical styles disappears below as you lower the Murphy bed. If you are looking for an even larger unit see our sectional Murphy bed models, or our wall beds with love seats if you prefer having arms. Unit size and colours available in:

Italian Wall bed sofa combo dimensions murphysofacolor options - murphysofa italian wall beds









Steel component parts are heavy duty and finished with an embossed aluminum enamel.

Fabric is available in the selected colours below:

Italian wall bed sofa colour options 2Italian wall bed sofa colour options 1










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