Wall Beds


Wall beds save space. Why not have one with style? These Murphy beds below are multifunctional pieces designed to free up space in your home. From wall beds that fold perfectly over a sofa to wall bed units with built in desks, we have a variety for you to choose from. Turn one bedroom into two, from day to night.  Murphysofa models are designed for North American sized 8.5 standard mattresses, Italian wall beds are designed for European sized 6 inch foam mattresses. Click on an image below for more information.

MurphySofa – Wall beds with sofas (North American Mattress)

Murphy bed float sofa  Wall bed with sofa from Murphy Sofa Vancouver  
Wall bed with sectional sofa  
MurphySofa Minima unique sofa murphybed

Italian Wall beds with sofas or revolving units (Euro mattress)

Italian Revolving Bookcase Queen Bed by MurphySofaItalian Wall bed Sofa combo by MurphySofa


MurphySofa Wall beds with desks (North American Mattress)

Murphysofa Desk bed     desk-bed-sideways

Italian Wall beds with desks (Euro mattress)


Italian Vertical Wall bed deskhorizontal italian wall bed desk









Why buy a bed from MurphySofa?

Quality, Value and Price – We offer the most competitive high quality products on the market direct to customers.

Choice: North American Standard sized mattresses fit in our MurphySofa wall bed line or choose European sized options on our Italian imports.
Multifunction: Wall beds already save space, but our wall beds offer more by adding desks and sofas in a practical and thought out design.

Thickness, weight, and quality of units and shelving at 4cm thick on the MurphySofa line.

Gas mechanism instead of springs allowing for very smooth lifting and lowering; the unit can be lifted and lowered with one finger which makes it very safe for the elderly and children or ease for daily use.

Extra storage function for sofas and a storage box in the side shelving

One piece metal bed frame on MurphySofa units: Wooden slats on all units as a standard (airflow & comfort – takes away need for a box spring)

Wall bed height – MurphySofa wall bed folds at higher height than most, allowing it to go over top of a coffee table or ottoman. Unlike some other units where the sofa is lowered in order to function. Our unit is not only far more practical but it is a more convenient solution.
Wall beds from MurphySofa Vancouver. Prices Subject to change

*Ships to Canada and the USA.
Video of Murphy bed function and sofa storage