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Murphy Bed + Floating Balanced bookshelf into leg base + Love seat sofa with storage function+ Optional 60cm shelving with storage box
Streamlined, sleek city inspired design. Compact shelving, full couch with storage function.

Murphy bed float sofabalancing float shelf

Murphy bed: The floating bookshelf helps blend the wall bed into the background. Ideal for books, plants and other decorative items, the unit will balance items in place while transforming into the bed base. This unit has a full couch including storage function.  Ideal for smaller spaces enabling the luxury of a full sized queen bed. Easy to use and safer than a conventional wall bed. The luxury gas mechanism will hold the Murphy bed in place when lifting or lowering it removing any fear of a collapse. Optional matching 60cm shelving with built in storage box available.

This is a full bed replacement, not just a regular wall bed. The metal bed frame with wood slats replaces a box spring, not only allowing airflow but also raising the bed to the same height as a box spring would.  A standard mattress of your choosing can fit on this bed allowing  you the choice and comfort you deserve. A mattress up to 10 inches can fit on this wall bed sofa combination, however we recommend an 8 inch mattress to allow room for pillows and duvet.

Murphy bed comes with a balanced bookshelf that transforms into bed base, and sofa with storage function built in. Optional matching 60cm gloss shelf with storage box available on either side or both sides of the Murphy bed.

Slatted wood base gives your mattress support. Built in storage in sofa and side shelving. Mattress not included Contact information

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[Murphy bed + Balanced bookshelf into leg base + 2 seat sofa with storage function] [ Optional 60cm shelving with storage box + $500]

MS Float 2

[Sectional Sofa and 100cm shelf upgrades in this photo]

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Key Measurements:

Width: 228cm or 89 inches

Height: 230cm or 90 inches

Depth of Murphy: 40cm or 15.75 inches

Detailed Murphy Measurements:

Width of Murphy bed: 168 cm or 66.15 inches

Width of Shelving: 60 cm or 23.60 inches

Width of Murphy bed plus shelving: 228 cm or 89 inches

Height of Murphy bed: 229.5 cm or 89.75 inches

Depth of Murphy bed: 40 cm or 15.75 inches

Depth of Murphy bed when open: 211cm or 83 inches

Sofa Measurements:

Sofa height for sitting: 42cm or 16.5 inches

Arm rest height: 61cm or 24 inches

Depth: 80cm 31.5 inches

Width of Sofa without arms : 165 cm or 65 inches

Width of Sofa including arms: 207cm or 81.5 inches


Prices subject to change

Murphysofa is based out of Vancouver, Canada.

*Ships to Canada and the USA.