Toronto Space Saving Furniture By MurphySofa


If you live here in Toronto, Canada, then chances are you have a cute apartment and love the metropolitan lifestyle of our great city with everything it has to offer. Chances also are that you may be looking to maximize the limited space you have so as to have open entertaining and living space.

Enter MurphySofa with our innovative, sleek, attractive and Toronto space saving furniture! We offer the following space saving furniture for Toronto residents:

Wall Beds with Desks

Traditional wall beds with desks are an excellent option. They come in different sizes and styles to suit your needs. They are affordable, last a long time and are a cinch to use. You do not have to be He-Man or Hercules to lift or lower the bed. The gas mechanism makes this ultra light. Your grandma or your child can do this!

Wall Bed Desks By MurphySofa for Toronto Residents

This is becoming very popular with people choosing to live in the heart of it all in Toronto, where real estate is of course at a premium. If you have a wall bed, you make the most of usable floor space and MurphySofa is happy to service you.

Wall Beds with Sofas

Another option to the traditional wall bed, is the wall bed with a sofa. This is designed so your wall bed very easily comes out right into part of the sofa. So your living room is fully set up by day and by night it can easily convert into a bedroom. Wonderful for having a guest bedroom without giving up space for most of the time, as well as convenient for living in small spaces.

Space Saving Tables

We ship our Toronto space saving tables to you, where they are easily assembled on arrival, in order to save you money on shipping costs. You can choose the best table to fit your space and lifestyle. Coffee to dining tables are adjustable in height as well as adjustable in size. You can expand from a small coffee table into a larger dining table. This is wonderful for small apartments. You may typically be a single person or a couple in an apartment but what about the holidays or having some friends over? You no longer need to eat in shifts or choose only your 2 very favorite family members, causing arguments and stress! You will no longer need to make the long trek out to suburbia to visit relatives – now they can come to you!

We have liftable coffee tables that expand up into a small dining surface, or extend out with the push of a button. No lifting, heaving, groaning and running to a storage unit to heave furniture into place.