Calgary Transforming Furniture


Sofa wall beds, wall beds with desks and space saving tables that can double as coffee or dining tables, are all the rage in Calgary, Canada. Featured in newspapers and magazines, these contemporary and eye catching pieces of space saving furniture are very popular, especially in major cities where space is more condensed and Calgary is no exception.

With our incredibly green culture, bike trails and walkability, not to mention sports teams and university, Calgary is a wonderful place to live. Having an apartment or condo in Calgary is desirable so you can take advantage of all of the excellent things our city has to offer.

MurphySofa is proud to service the residents of Calgary with our high quality, fashionable, well made furniture that is space saving, affordable and efficient.

Whether you opt to just get a Calgary space saving table or you want everything MurphySofa has to offer, we are here for you. We get many clients through other satisfied and happy clients who recommend us to their friends.

Calgary Canada Transforming Coffee Tables By MurphySofa

We have friendly customer service staff available to answer your questions about our sofa wall beds. Do they come in different sizes? Yes they sure do. Are they warrantied? Absolutely. Can they be delivered? You bet. What about ease of use? Can my pregnant wife set the bed up? Of course! All beds are moved with zero physical exertion!

Many people are also now choosing our Calgary wall beds with sofas so they can maintain a usable, attractive entertaining space that also functions as a bedroom when the need arises. These are so easy to set up – no moving furniture at all!

Whatever you are looking for, give us a call and let us help! Call MurphySofa for all your space saving furniture in Calgary!