Celebrities with WallBeds and MurphyBeds in the Movies

Well there are a couple famous celebrities with wall beds, some seem to struggle with old technology and others embrace the new. Things have come a long way since then.

Kermit the frog in the Great Muppet Caper does a song and dance and lays on a murphy bed only to be given a surprise!

Charlie Chaplin vs the Murphy Bed. A famous short where charlie experiences some difficulties with balance and weighting. Goes to show it pays to get the right bed * cough* Murphysofa beds would never do this!

James Bond  (Sean Connery) in You Only Live Twice has a tricky scenario in Japan with this wall bed. If He had a MurphySofa wall bed maybe he would not have needed to live twice in this movie.

Don’t buy the wrong wall bed like theses celebrities with wallbeds. If anyone has some great links to videos of wall beds and celebrities or from the movies do post below!

Professor puppet – Internet puppet talks about MurphySofa smart furniture

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