Smart ideas for small apartments and open concept living

Smart ideas for small apartments and open concept living


Here we are going to show you a great layout for a small apartment and open concept living ideas.  We will show you two demonstrations. While in one of the demos we use a wall bed with a couch, you can use this concept in a regular living room also. If you are feeling like a quick summary just look at the short YouTube videos below. There are also plenty of other smart ideas for small apartments on that YouTube channel.

This is a small space concept for an open living space. Is this only for a studio apartment? No, we have had plenty of customers who have done this exact same layout in their living rooms in order to have a bigger feeling in their home. Some have converted their bedrooms into permanent offices. Others use this concept for a guestroom. For those of you not interested in a wall bed couch system we can talk about the table. The transforming table is used in this demonstration to show how it hides away in a regular living room as a coffee table. Quite a few people do not actually have a sit down dinner every night, this table is perfect for snacking or working in front of the tv and as you can see it is also a full replacement table. The table transforms and opens into a dining table. You now have the option to roll the whole table away from the sofa into the dining area. Just add chairs and you have your dining room. Push the table against the wall (or wall bed) over to of the sofa and you now have a large work desk space. You can also compact down the table into a huge coffee table so everyone has room for their snacks or drinks while you host.

On to the wall bed system. If you watched the demonstration you will see that the wall bed can lower over the collapsed table, even in its larger form. This wall bed system is built to sleep on every night as a full bedroom replacement, and of course you can use it as an extra guest room in your home. With a wall bed system like this you have gone from a 2 in 1 living room dining room smart apartment to a 3 in 1 that includes a hidden bedroom.

This last demo uses a Junior Giant. How is this useful for a small apartment? Well space is typically an issue and this Junior Giant has huge extension capability. In this example we have it set up as a little desk. Adam is working on the table and having a coffee. Maybe he has a conference with coworkers or just needs a bigger table for dinner time. He pulls the table, it splits into two pieces and extends out on rails. 4 leaflets go on top of the rails and snap into place. Now this little console or work desk is a giant table (hence the name Junior Giant!). This is a great furniture piece for occasional guests if you are a big entertainer. You now have a massive hidden table that inconspicuously rests against a free wall in your home.

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