2015 space saving wall bed sofas and desks

2015 space saving wall bed sofas and desks

MurphySofa 2015 clean 3200x2660wallbedout

The first production of 2015 MurphySofa are departing Europe for North American customers.

So whats new with the 2015 wall bed sofas and desks?storage-function

Sofas with softer seats. Based on customer feedback and surveys of shoppers, people wanted a softer sofa seat, but still wanted the sharp look. We have delivered by keeping a harder density back cushion while softening up the seat and packing more foam in for long term support.

The wall bed still folds over the sofa like it does in the past but now when you lift your sofa open for storage it uses a sleek gas piston instead of a spring coil. The barrier of the box was removed to create one big open storage area inside the sofa. We trimmed down the side arms of the sofa from 20cm to 15cm. Why did we do this? Many customers are installing these wall beds in tight spaces and need that extra room to maneuver about. At 20cm the side arms were just too big for a small space.

2015 wall bed deskThe slats in the bed base were increased or decreased strategically offering more support in critical areas for a more comfortable sleep.

Sofa fabrics are fully replaceable and attach on with Velcro for easy switches.

We transitioned the wall bed desk model to a completely ‘clean’ face. We removed the side folding cuts and opened up the sides a bit for a long lines to put focus on the shaped desk.

We switched our paneling to an acrylic glossy white finish over paint in order to have a 100% smooth surface which does not always occur with a painted model.

The wall bed support legs were thickened up a bit for a more sturdy look and finished in a neutral grey.

Lastly installation is now much easier with fewer assembly steps and simpler higher quality components.

If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see us add to the Wall Bed Sofa or Wall Bed Desk models we would love to here your input. Contact info for MurphySofa or visit our online store ExpandFurniture.com for the most up to date information on our products.