5 Inventive Storage Tips For Folding Chairs

Making room for a dining room table or formal eating area can be a little more challenging when you live in a small space. Some apartments have little more than a bar at the counter, and some small homes have a breakfast nook and nothing else. It may be enough for you to eat your daily meals, but it’s not enough to accommodate guests for special occasions like holidays or family celebrations.

Folding Chairs Are Perfect For Saving Space!You can easily create a nice dining space with an expanding dining room table, like a coffee table that converts to a dining table or a small desk that pulls out into a formal dining table. The table doesn’t take up more space when it’s not in use, but it offers just enough room for you and your guests when you plan a special dinner.

Of course, you’ll need nice seating for all those guests, but a bunch of chairs can take up just as much space as a bulky table. Instead, you can invest in some space saving kitchen chairs, like folding dining room chairs. You just get the chairs out when you need them and keep them stored when you don’t.

For some, the issue of where to store the chairs might pose a problem. Here are a few of the top places to keep your folding chairs tucked out of sight but accessible when needed:

Behind the Couch

A lot of us keep our couch pushed against a main wall in the living room. Depending on the size and style of your couch, it may be possible to tuck your chairs behind the couch and between the wall. Guests won’t see the chairs, and you can easily reach them when you need them.

Modern Compact Folding Chair in Closed PositionOf course, the success of this solution depends a great deal on the size and number of the chairs, as well as the size of the couch. Not all of the chairs may fit in the space behind the couch. You may need to also put a few chairs under the couch.

Hall Closet

Even the smallest spaces typically have a coat closet or a hall closet. Your folding dining room chairs will fit easily inside even the smallest of closets. You can lean the chairs against the side of the closet and still have plenty of room to hang your coats or store your shoes.

Just make sure you keep the space organized. Otherwise, it will become a cluttered mess where you just throw whatever needs to be kept out of sight. The next time you need your chairs, you’ll have to wrestle with clutter and get buried in a mess.

Rack in the Laundry Room

Many storage solutions are available that allow you to hang folding chairs on a mounted or upright rack. The chairs can either hang on hooks on the wall of your laundry room, or they can be stacked neatly inside an organizer pushed against the wall.

In Your Storage Bed

Italian lift storage bed to help organize and de-clutterA storage bed is a great space-saving solution for smaller homes. The mattress lifts up to reveal a cabinet below the bed, and you can store everything from last season’s clothes to your overstock of shoes under there.

The area under your storage bed is a great place to store your folding dining room chairs. The chairs will lay flat under the bed and still leave plenty of space for you to store other items.

At Your Desk

Not all space saving kitchen chairs are folding chairs. Some are pull-out chairs that expand from one seat to a bench big enough for 12. You don’t need to do anything special to store these chairs. You just put the chair at your desk or another seating area for everyday use, and you expand it when you have guests. You only need one or two of these chairs to seat everyone you are likely to invite to a dinner party.

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